• Why Do We Travel?

    Why do we travel for pleasure?  Let's face it, the actual activity of traveling to a destination can be loathsome, especially at the airport.  Even after all that stress in the airport, we stuff ourselves into tiny seats, next to people we probably would never talk to or want to, for the next two, three, six hours or more, breathing the same recycled air!  We eat all the wrong foods when we are traveling to our destinations, and usually arrive exhausted.  Only to hear, "How was your flight?"  People mean well, but don't you want to just say, "What do you think?"  In reality, people only want to hear, "It was fine." or "Good."

    But we've arrived at our destinations, and we can relax!  Can't we?  Oh no, you've got to arrange your transfers from the airport or rent a car.  More fun, and we're now maybe six or seven hours into it.  

    We get the car and we're on our way.  With all the technology out there, you could land almost anywhere in the United States, and be gently guided by our GPS to our hotels or bed and breakfast.  

    Now the stress is melting away...  

    With all that stress, I still say why do we do it?  Because we love to experience new things!  We want to learn about different cultures, see different architecture and observe and experience just a little bit how the locals live.  We want to meet new people!  We want to visit iconic places, not always just to say we did, but more to satisfy that craving to see what others have created and enjoyed.  Other times, we go just to get away from our ho hum lives of work and family.  

    Are you a solo traveler? Or do you like to drag the family along?  I once met a French woman who was married with children, but preferred to take at least one vacation solo. (No, she didn't have a secret lover).   She said she came back refreshed and rejuvenated. (Really, she didn't!)  I didn't much understand that at the time, but once you've had a few bad travel partners, you always want to fly solo.  Depending on where you go, you meet so many nice people, you're really not alone that much, especially if they can meet you for dinner.

    I've traveled all over Europe and Canada, recently returned from Costa Rica, and have fallen head over heels in love with our American Southwest.  I have traveled extensively across these United States, but am stalled in the environs of the ABQ!  It's hard to move on when there's so much to see!

    Why do you travel?  What's your favorite destination?  What's your favorite travel activity?  Whose your favorite travel buddy?  Feel free to share some photo's of your favorite places to go.  

    High Desert Lotus