Sharing travel stories, ideas, and the joy of travel!

This is a site dedicated to my travels around the United States and the world.  I have traveled to Europe, Canada, Central America and to over 30 states in the United States.  I'm just an everyday woman, with an everyday salary who loves travel.  I don't travel budget, but I know how to find good deals.  I prefer boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts, and vacation rentals.   I like to see the sites, but always go off the beaten path.  I have met people from all walks of life and made some lasting friendships.  

On a typical vacation, I hit the ground running!  I ride horses, hike, shop, see the sites, and try to enjoy local cultural activities.  I also love to cafe sit and people watch.  At times, it's hard to find a travel partner who is into an active vacation, so it's sometimes preferable to travel alone, and not be bogged down by someone else's baggage.  I've had amazing vacations and have taken some bad trips, but that's the fun and adventure of traveling, isn't it?  

About 25 years ago, a random, but very wise man said to me, "Never pass up a travel opportunity."  That sage advice has stuck with me, and I've tried to live by it.  In life, nothing is promised, so you have to be able to seize the moment in at least one slice of your life.  I want this space to be a place to share my travel story through photos (and other multi-media), stories, and forgotten histories. I also want to hear about yours, so please share!  I'm High Desert Lotus, your travel guide. Enjoy the trip!