Mesilla (Las Cruces)

My friend, Joyce lives in Las Cruces, or Cruces, as I've heard some locals say.  I traveled from Silver to Cruces via City of Rocks, and arrived to the mid-afternoon sweltering sun.  It was 100 degrees, with no humidity, but no shade!  It was hot.  Well, I got a whirlwind tour of Mesilla after lunch because we had to get to the Farm and Ranch Museum to see the African Americans in New Mexico Exhibit, and then home to a dinner party.  I'm surprised I saw so much in a few short hours--I even managed to order a hand-made belt!  We had a delicious New Mexican lunch at La Posta.  Try that cucumber Margarita.  Yummy!  It was really refreshing on such a brutally hot day.  (Remember, folks, I'm from the East Coast.)

I love New Mexican food, don't you?  I added a photo, not from La Posta, but from El Restaurante de Jane, my friend, who served up wonderful meals to us in Chacon.  Every time I leave New Mexico, I'm either on a bean or chile kick, but my favorite is the Chile Relleno.  Looking forward to tasting that again this fall.  But I digress.

Okay, Mesilla.  Billy the Kid, Butterfield-Overland Express, Gadsden Purchase, Civil War spillover?  So much history in such a little town.  You all can look it up, but just know that this happened here, and so much more.  

My speed tour piqued my interest to return, and also see and get a feel for Cruces.   It looks like a nice city, and the craggy Organ Mountains loomed like a full moon where ever you seemed to be in the city.  Cruces impressed me as this modern oasis in the desert, and I got a "nice place to live" vibe.  

I met some nice people at our dinner party, and again, the food was amazing.  One recurring theme that runs through every visit is the number of transplants, and the few native New Mexicans I have met.  It's a reminder that anything is possible, and the Land of Enchantment has cast a wide net.  Georgia O'Keefe said on her arrival to New Mexico, "Well..Well..Well...No one ever told me it was like this.  This is wonderful."  That's how I feel everytime I discover something in my travels to New Mexico.  I have not been disappointed yet.  Go visit New Mexico!!