Riding in the Gila National Forest

What better way to showcase my ride!  Unfortunately, I didn't take many photos during the ride since we rode through sometimes narrow trails and heavy brush.  Also, I brought my DSLR, which is not exactly conducive to taking photos on horseback.  Travel tip:  buy a small DSLR or a really good point and shoot when trekking on horseback.  I plan to blog about my ride later, but I think the shots that I did get are a great representation of the experience.  It was a great ride with Joe Saenz of Wolfhorse Outfitters and the two women from Switzerland who joined us.  The second day of the ride included friends of Joe's, Frank and Tanya, who added to the fun and made the ride more interesting.  

My horse was Dancer, a 27 year old Canadian mare, who still has a lot of spunk and canter in her.  She was gentle, and easy to gain mutual trust and respect.   The ride was easy going, and low stress.  The beauty of the Gila speaks for itself, and soon you will see the contrast between riding in the high desert and the moutainous region I visited in the northeastern part of the state.  

Just playing around with different opitons on my MacBook, and I came up with this idea, that I think came out well.  

Enjoy the trailer.